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2019 is around the corner. The number one New Years Resolution is to lose weight. However, many people break that resolution. To get those pounds off, here are some weight loss tips to help make 2019 great.

Drink More Water

Water helps every function in the body run. Dehydration makes things less efficient. The body can not tell the difference between thirst and hunger. Hunger is often mistaken for dehydration. Before eating, one might want to consider first having a glass of water.

Water helps with digestion. It helps prevent constipation. Moreover, dehydration is also the biggest trigger for kidney stones.

WebMD stated that the usual recommendation was that people should drink 8, eight oz. glasses water daily. However, that has changed. One should take into consideration one’s size and weight, and activity level. The new regulation is that one should drink a minimum of half an ounce of water to an ounce for each pound one weighs. This should be done daily.

To help increase water consumption consider:

  • Carry a bottle of water at all times and refill it when empty
  • Place water by the bedside.  (Many individuals arise dehydrated.  Start drinking when one wakes up.)
  • Replace soda and coffee with water
  • Sip water regularly during the day.  (It is not healthy to consume the entire water quota at once.)

Make it a New Years Resolution to buy a water bottle and actually use it.

Increase Exercise To 30 Minutes a Day

The Centers for Disease control reports researchers found that those who participated in some form of moderate exercise for 30 minutes daily lost an average of 8 pounds in three months.

The American Journal of Physiology reported that people who exercised 30 minutes a day had more energy to perform more physical activity the rest of the day. Those who participated in physical activity for 60 minutes or more tended to eat more to compensate for working out longer and lost less weight.

Make it a New Years Resolution to start slow and work up to 30 minutes.

Set A Daily Sleep Routine

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that people who were sleep deprived increased snacking at night. Individuals generally chose snacks that were high in carbohydrates.

University of Chicago researchers found in a study that people who did not obtain enough sleep usually snacked more and had twice the amount of fat compared to individuals who obtained 8 hours of sleep daily.

People should set a routine and go to sleep at the same time every day to ensure proper sleep amounts.  Make that a New Years Resolution.

Stop Drinking Sugary Drinks

In a Study printed in the New England Journal of Medicine, there is strong evidence that drinks with sugar can cause weight gain. People who had one or more drinks with sugar in it daily had 235% higher risk of weight gain and obesity.

Women should aim for 26 grams of sugar daily, and men should aim for 37.5. One can of soda with sugar has 39 grams. Instead of soda, switch to water.

Make it a New Years Resolution to buy flavored water that has no calories or sugar.

Stop Snacking At Night

In a study by Northwestern University, it was found by researchers that even if the amount of calorie intake was the same, those who ate at night gained weight two times more than those who did not.

Snacking at night generally is done not because of hunger, but more likely because of stress, boredom, or due to cravings. Snacks at night tend to be foods with a high carbohydrate and calorie count and the amount is not monitored. Before 8 p.m., one should have consumed 90% of their caloric intake for the day. If one must eat, the snack should be light.  As part of a New Years Resolution, stock the refrigerator with 100 calorie snack packs and healthy choices.

Thinking Thirst Is Hunger

In a Study in the Annuals of Family Medicine, it stated that poor hydration is associated with weight gain. People who are considered obese have a more difficult time staying hydrated. Consequently, they may eat when they are thirsty. This is particularly true if one can not distinguish between thirst and hunger.

Hunger increases slowly after one eats a meal. One should monitor hunger feelings two to five hours after consuming a meal. If one is always feeling hungry, drink water as those feeling could be dehydration.

Make it a New Years Resolution to learn the differences between thirst and hunger to help aid in weight loss.

Make it a New Years Resolution to drink water before reaching for a snack.

Use Smaller Size Plates

The Journal of Consumer Research published a study that showed if an individual changes their plate from a standard 12 inch to a 10-inch, calories decreased by 22%. Smaller plates cause the individual to consume less due to an optical illusion. This mind trick is called Delboeuf Illusion. The mind thinks it is consuming more food than it actually is.

Make it a New Years Resolution to shop for smaller plates or toddler plates.

Track Exercise

In order to lose weight, one needs to have a lower caloric intake and burn more than consumed.

It is important to burn more calories than consumed or eat fewer calories than the body uses each day. If one does not have a caloric deficit, one will not lose weight.

There are many free Health apps available that will help one monitor their fitness.  One can use Fitbit or other similar products. One should aim for 10,000 steps a day.

Make it a New Years Resolution to get those steps in!

Drink More Green Tea

Multiple studies on green tea have shown that caffeine and flavonoids can increase one’s metabolism and improve the oxidation of fat. In one study, those who drank green tea with caffeine lost 2.9 pounds over 12 weeks while not changing their diet. One can receive the benefits of green tea by drinking a small amount. Approximately 2.5 cups will help one obtain the benefits. Matcha is one of the healthiest green teas and typically has the more antioxidants and nutrients than its counterparts.

Make it a New Years Resolution to experiment with different types of green tea. Just make sure no sugar is added.

These are some examples to help obtain a effective New Years Resolution for weight loss.  Begin the 2019 year with a healthy plan for weight loss.

Written By Barbara Sobel


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of  Marco Verch’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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