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Get Your Waist in Shape: 5 Health Tips for Fit Men! – Thrive Global

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Want a good looking waist?

You should. A slim mid-section is an attractive one. And it
makes you healthy too!

You see, slim waists are hard to get. They’re a hallmark of
someone who takes care of their well-being

But they’re rewarding. Because you get to wake up every day,
look in the mirror, and see an amazing physique!


Slim waists require some commitment.

You can’t achieve one and be done. You need to get it, keep
it, and trim it.

Today, we’ll help you with that. Below are 5 health tips
you can follow…

Apply them, and watch the results compound!

#1 – Do Chin Ups.

Chin-ups and its different variants slim your waist…

How? They do so by developing your “lattissimus dorsi”
muscles (simply called “lats”).

Those muscles, if over-developed, are responsible for the “bat
you see in some bodybuilder

However, a normal development slims your waist. It adds a
muscle definition to your back that smoothens the waist line.

And this is vital for men. After all, you don’t want an
hourglass body shape!

#2 – Fix Your Posture.

Stretches – you need many.

Sometimes, a thick waist comes from a big belly, which in
turn comes from a bad posture.

By stretching, your straighten your lower back. You also
increase your core strength. And this sinks your stomach back in.

So it evens you out. It gives your waist a more elegant

Any Specific Targets?

Yes. First, do planks to strengthen your core. This’ll
straighten out your body.

Also, stretch your hip flexors. Those tilt your hips (thus
your waists
) forward when tight. Stretching
them loosens the muscle
, tilting the hip to normal!

#3 – Use a Waist Slimmer.

Technology makes small waists easier. So why not take
advantage of it?

Use a waist
. It’s a belt. And you wear it to
tone down the size of your midsection!

It works well in public. It suits you in professional
environments, important meet-ups, and casual hangouts too!

Additional Info.

Some slimming belts have properties that increase heat and
metabolic rate around the mid-section.

So you lose fat while tightening up your belly.

It’s an effective option. And you can use it long and
short-term to keep the fat trimmed!

#4 – Start Weightlifting.

We say weightlifting for a reason.

It’s a workout that builds muscle. And more muscle mass
means that your caloric needs are higher. So you burn more waist fat!

Also, weightlifting has more rewards than cardio. And that’s
not to say that cardio
is bad

But the weight room makes you look sexy.

The Reality.

You can lose weight around your waist. But you’ll still look

Why not take that up a notch? Why not go from a slim figure
to a ripped one?

You’ll be much more attractive. Plus, you’ll develop a
strong physique, and you’ll have a hard time putting waist fat on again!

#5 – Get a Hormone Check.

The last tip on our list.

It’s the last one for a reason. That is, it’s only for
chronic cases…

Sometimes, your hormone ratios may be off-balance. Maybe
your body has more estrogen, and produces less testosterone…

If so, expect a thick

Hormone therapy might be what you need to fix yourself. And
this is mostly solvable with the tips above.

But in serious cases – you might need exogenous consumption
(obviously, with a doctor’s guidance).

Anything Else I Can Do?

Yes. You can eat better.

Some foods increase your testosterone levels (those with
healthy cholesterol and high protein

The larger a portion of your diet, the better. So adjust
that too, as you apply the previous tips!

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