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Weight Loss: 5 Healthy Eating Tips You Must Ensure Today To Cut Belly Fat – NDTV News

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It is a well-established fact that weight loss is impossible without a healthy diet in place. A sustainable weight loss regimen is a combination of a lot of factors. While your diet is one crucial aspect of it, you need to bring in lot of changes to your existing lifestyle and up your physical activity levels too. You cannot nosh into your favourite potato chips all day and skip your dinner, and think that you have balanced your calorie-load for the day. Along with a revamped diet, you need to tweak some of your unhealthy eating habits too. Here are some tips you can consider starting with:

5 Healthy Eating Tips For Weight Loss

1. Cut Down On Salt: Excess sodium leads to disruption of water balance and lead to water retention or bloating. Experts also say that one should cut down on salt intake after seven p.m. Since the metabolism in slow in evening, it is better to eat light and soothing food. 

2. Say No To Processed Foods And Sugary Goods: Processed foods like fries, sausages and burgers add to empty calories that result in weight gain. Sugary cookies, cakes and doughnuts are also packed with unsaturated fats, which are difficult to shed. 

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 Processed foods like fries, sausages and burgers add to empty calories that result in weight gain. 

3. Do Away With Refined Oil: Refined hydrogenated oil is packed with unsaturated fats and calories and is known to up your bad cholesterol levels too. You can cook your food in healthy vegetable oil, peanut oil or sunflower oil to prevent the overload of calories. 

4. Include More Fibre And Protein Rich Foods: Make sure your diet is well supplemented with foods rich in protein and fibre. Both protein and fibre take time to digest and stay in your system for a while; this helps promote feeling of satiety. If you are feeling full for a longer spell, you would naturally have lesser cravings for fattening foods, thereby, facilitating weight loss. Some of the fibre-rich foods are whole grains, leafy greens, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Among protein-rich foods there are plenty of options too – eggs, oats, dal, chicken, fish, almonds etc. 

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Weight loss: Include more spinach in your diet for stronger bones and weight loss

5. Have More Fluids: Drink plenty of water. Ideally one should drink 7-8 glasses of water every day. It gives you the feeling of fullness and prevents you from bingeing. Many a times your brain just intermixes the signals of hunger and thirst – you feel like having something to eat, whereas you are actually just thirsty. So, make sure you keep sipping into some fluid from time to time, if the plain taste of water bores you, drink healthy detox waters, home-made herbal drinks and vegetables juices. 

Take a note of all these pointers and shed those extra kilos naturally. If you have got anymore tips to share, you can write to us in the comments section too!

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