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Can A DNA Test Help You Lose Weight? – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

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NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s the genes with a G that some companies say might help you fit in your old jeans.

It’s a growing trend of nutrigenomics, the study of how genetics process nutrients in the body.

Several companies like Viome, DNAFit and Arivale are providing at-home genetic test kits that help determine the way nutrients react to the genetic makeup of your body.

Companies then offer personalized diet and exercise plans based on your biology.

CBS 11 arranged for a trial kit for Dallas Moms Blogger Jennifer McDaniel who says she has tried several diet trends without much success.

“I did a cleanse with two of my friends, they both lost 15 pounds and I was struggling to lose five,” she said.

The kit came from a company called Habit, which was recently purchased by Viome.

She had to send in her blood and check swab samples to its lab.

Part of the kit included a sugary drink which would help analyze how her body processed the nutrients in the drink. The test is supposed to determine how your body handles carbs, fats and protein.

The personalized results arrived weeks later. The test analyzed health markers, activity levels and health goals to determine how her body responds to certain foods.

The test revealed that McDaniel is a protein seeker. “My body functions better with more protein than an average person,” she said.

McDaniel found out a little more, her data suggested she has a caffeine intolerance and an obesity gene.

“This basically suggests that I am more prone to or struggling with weight loss or being overweight,” McDaniel said. “It honestly made me feel better, like, I’m not crazy because that’s exactly what I experienced.”

She also got a personalized meal plan with snack recommendations.

The snack recommendations include the so-called hero foods, foods her body processes well. “That’s pretty cool, to have a meal plan based on how my body processes food,” McDaniel said.

After the first two weeks of her trial, McDaniel lost four pounds. She believes her food cravings had lessened because she is following the meal plan’s recommendation of eating a good breakfast.

Habit was recently bought over by Viome.

The Viome test kit starts at $399, which is currently on sale on Amazon for $249.

Viome told CBS 11, their test can see what foods are superfoods and what foods to avoid for their unique body.

They said they hope to incorporate Habit’s recipes and meal plans to help people turn insights and recommendations into action for ultimate healthy living.

Other companies like Arivale and DNAFit also use DNA test kits to personalize health plans.

Arivale starts at $99/mo for coaching only. $297 for 3 months for customized genetic plan.

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