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4 Tips To Achieve Weight Loss Goals While Traveling – Medical Daily

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Leaving your house for a long trip out of town or the country means leaving your comfort zone for diet and exercise. It has been a common challenge for many people to maintain their weight and diet when traveling, may it be for business, family or life goals to visit places. 

When you travel you may find it difficult to find a gym and to consistently eat healthy, decent meals. So how can you stay fit while roaming around Spain or trekking the Himalayas or exploring the island and mountains of the Philippines?

Luckily there are simple ways to prevent that belly from getting wider. This article explores how you and a friend can roam around the world without struggling to look for the gym or a decent restaurant for a healthy meal. 

Weight Loss & Vacation

1. Plan your exercise

You are just with a backpack in a province or island far from the city. But you are afraid that you gained weight in the past days because of your eat-drink-enjoy-sleep lifestyle with strangers. 

How can you shed the extra fat? 

Your gym is anywhere. You can look for a pull-up bar, a swing set, a sturdy tree branch, a building or bus stop overhang. One full-body strength training session per week could help you burn fat slowly. 

2. Smart nutrition

Part of traveling is eating unhealthy food. There will be times that the only choices you have are a Chili’s at the airport, Wendy’s, a Starbucks or a McDonald’s meal. 

All you have to do is focus on protein and fiber when choosing meals or snacks. At Starbucks, the combination of black coffee, sausage and egg is a great protein source, according to Nerd Fitness.

If you prefer McDonald’s, try their bacon ranch grilled chicken salad that is mostly greens, grilled chicken and a little bacon. This meal comes in under 400 calories.

3. Be active. More active

Stay active. Walking, running, hiking, playing frisbee or swimming in the ocean could help you burn fats. Another good thing is that these activities will help you explore the other side of the town or the island and meet new people as your roam around. 

4. Sleep

After being active, you need rest and end your tiring but adventurous day with a good night sleep. It is important to know that when the body is sleep-deprived, it could lead to lower energy to exercise and make you starve faster. 

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