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Does Keto Diet Work? See Transformation Of Jenna Jameson’s Body Due To Diet – Medical Daily

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Jenna Jameson has already reached a milestone in her keto diet. The American entrepreneur and celebrity reached the one-year mark and she’s got receipts to prove how the trendy diet transformed her body from flabby to fabulous.

Late last week, the former adult film performer showed off her amazing transformation on her Instagram by uploading side-by-side photos of her body from a year ago and her body at present. Based on the pictures alone, it’s obvious that she lost a lot of weight, especially in her abdominal area.

“Today I celebrate 1 year of being #keto. I have absolutely never felt better,” she wrote before adding that intermittent fasting and sobriety also helped her achieve her fitness goal. She even called the combination of the three “the perfect trifecta” that enabled her “healthy sustainable fitness journey.”

The 45-year-old businesswoman has made her effort to lose weight no secret. She’s been documenting her fitness journey on her Instagram account. She previously revealed that she lost around 100 pounds while embracing the keto lifestyle.

Last month, she revealed that she finally found her perfect weight while on the keto diet. She noted that she felt something was off when she dropped to 120 pounds, so she worked on adding five more pounds to her weight. At 125 pounds, she said that it “feels like my body is running optimally.”

Jameson has also praised the keto diet for having a positive impact on her mental health. Apart from sharing updates on her weight and body, she’s also made it a habit to inspire her followers by sharing diet tips, motivational words and some advice about mental health.

According to Fox News, Jameson started to embrace a strict diet and work on her body after welcoming her daughter in 2017. In addition to watching what she eats, she began following a workout plan that includes circuit training.

The keto diet, or ketogenic diet, is a meal program that mainly encourages people to consume low-carb foods to ensure that they burn fat more effectively. It’s become a trend in many parts of the world these days because of its guaranteed weight-loss effect. Furthermore, it’s being endorsed by big Hollywood stars including Gwyneth Paltrow and Halle Berry, as pointed out by LADbible.

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