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Kelly Clarkson Just Offered Weight Loss Advice to a Fan, And It's So Dang Good – countryliving.com

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  • After Kelly Clarkson addressed false rumors via Twitter that she takes “weird pills” or participates in “weird fad diets,” one of her followers reached out in search of authentic weight loss advice.
  • The American Idol alum graciously responded, crediting The Plant Paradox for helping her.

    Bow down and listen up because Kelly Clarkson is dishing out her weight loss tips—and you’ll want a front-row seat for this inside scoop.

    The mother of four and queen of candor initially took to Twitter to clap back at some false diet rumors that have been making the media rounds recently. “Other fake news that’s going around about me is that I’ve been taking weird pills 4 weight loss or doing weird fad diets,” she wrote before confirming that these claims just flat-out aren’t true. “I eat the same stuff I always have. It’s all just made w/different flours/sugars/ingredients,” she continued.

    Shortly after the set-the-record-straight tweet went live, a flustered fan named Becky replied in search of tried-and-true weight loss solutions. “I have weight issues & could use all the help I could get to find a decent plan I could stick with,” she tweeted, specifically wondering about the types of ingredients that the “Broken & Beautiful” singer uses to stay in shape.

    Ask Kelly, and you shall receive—the Voice coach was more than happy to share her tips with this Twitter user, as well as with the rest of her fanbase. So, what’s her secret? Believe it or not, a book.

    “I read The Plant Paradox by Dr. Gundry,” Kelly explained. “He gives you yes & no lists 2 go by & tells why you should avoid things & basically it all comes down to lectins & inflammation.” Although she describes it as a “very detailed read” that feels like a “science class,” she ended the message with an inspiring “#UCanDoIt.”

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    This isn’t the first time Kelly’s come clean about abiding by The Plant Paradox—she initially credited the tome for her whopping 37-pound (yep!) weight loss during an interview with Today. “I had an autoimmune disease and a thyroid problem that started in 2006,” she revealed. “I read this book, it’s called The Plant Paradox, and it might not work for you but it worked wonders for me.”

    However, despite shedding pounds, the famously body-positive celeb admits that improving her health was priority number one. “I’m, like, 37 pounds lighter,” she confirmed. “But for me, it wasn’t really [about] the weight—for me it was that I’m not on my medicine anymore.” Basically, author Dr. Steven R. Gundry advocates for a lectin-free diet, which can help reduce inflammation.

    Either way, the publication’s clearly worked its magic if the songstress is now the subject of made-up diet accusations. The next time you find yourself stuck in a healthy weight loss rut, try taking a page from Kelly’s book (literally). *Immediately adds to cart.*

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