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Essential health tips every adult should know – FairfaxNews.com

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When you’re trying your best to stay healthy but it feels as though the odds are stacked against you, you may need to rethink your approach. We live in an age of health information, so it is easy to become overwhelmed. Fortunately, narrowing your options down to a few essential health tips can make a big difference.

Start sleeping properly

As we live in an era where overloading yourself with tasks is an accomplishment, it’s hardly surprising that many people don’t get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation has a significant effect on your mental and physical health.

In addition to gaining weight and increasing your risk of early death, sleep deprivation increases your risk of depression. If you’re not getting between seven and nine hours per night, try adopting some sleep hygiene tips.

Fill up before your meal

One of the oldest health tips around is to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. If you currently feel as though doing this is unattainable, start using fruit and vegetables as a pre-meal snack.

In addition to hitting your daily quota, you’ll prevent yourself from feasting on too many fats and carbohydrates. Both your waistline and energy levels will thank you for your efforts.

Exercise is the best antidepressant

Around 18.1% of people will suffer from depression or anxiety at some stage in their life. While there are lots of benefits to using anti-depressants, especially when your condition becomes severe, you should never overlook exercise.

In addition to increasing your serotonin levels, exercise boosts your self-confidence and combats aggressive hormones such as cortisol. If you can throw yourself into team activities, do so. The social element will lift your mood and you may reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s too.

Hydration prevents DOMS

Whether you already exercise or you’re about to start a new plan, you’ll encounter the dreaded DOMS. Also known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, each ache will leave you feeling as though you want to quit exercise for good.

Fortunately, there is a way to reduce your risk of DOMS: hydration. Aim for sports drinks with an excellent electrolyte balance to soothe your muscles and lower your lactate levels. You’ll experience fewer aches as a result and continuing with your workout routine will feel manageable.

Meditation is worth your time

Although meditation may at first seem like a new age health tip, it pays dividends when you give it a try. With numerous guided apps available, you can meditate for 10 minutes a day and experience benefits such as:

  • Better sleep
  • Less stress
  • More organized thoughts
  • Fewer anxious thoughts
  • More enjoyment for the smaller things

If you’re new to meditation, try an app such as Headspace. Most apps come with free trials, so you can test them until you find one that works for you.

Trying a few health tips will take you a long way if you’re persistent. As time goes on, consider incorporating more changes to achieve a healthier and happier life.


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