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Health and wellness tips for parents as kids go back to school – ABC 12 News

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FLINT (WJRT) (08/07/19) — Starting a new school year can be difficult for both students and parents alike, which is why doctors say getting kids into a routine schedule before school starts can make all the difference.

“If your child is used to getting up an hour later in the morning, it’s going to be hard to get the child up early in the morning. What if the child doesn’t feel like eating breakfast? We do believe the healthy breakfast in the morning before school is definitely related to cognitive functioning,” said Dr. Uzma Khan, a McLaren-Flint family doctor.

She say now is a good time for parents to look at what she calls contracts between parents and children.

“What time is going to be the electronic or the gadget time, the screen time. But you want to cut that down during school time, say 1 hour, you need to talk about it beforehand. Renegotiate your contract with your child.”

As far as physical health is concerned, Dr. Khan recommends every child get an annual check-up before going back to school.

“Get their growth looked at. From their height and weight perspective. Their BMI, because obesity is a big issue as well, we want to monitor that.”

Kids will also be evaluated for any potential learning disabilities, behavioral issues or even psychiatric problems.

“Anxiety, depression, anything like that, that’s the time to screen them.”

Dr. Khan also encourages parents to make sure kids are up to date on all necessary vaccines.

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