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'I Felt Broken': Actor Lincoln Lewis' Body Transformation Following Mental Health Battle – 10 daily

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The former Home And Away actor has opened up going “in a spiral” for a year after his identity was used in a catfishing case.

Lincoln Lewis has discussed his new perspective on life in a feature with Men’s Health Magazine, sharing he began “comfort eating” and was left feeling “broken”after a Melbourne woman was convicted on multiple stalking charges after using his identity online in June. 

“You’re feeling lethargic and looking for that next sugar rush or the next thing just to perk you up for the next hour,” the 31-year-old told the magazine.

For the first time in my life I was saying to those closest to me that I felt like I was going through depression. Or to put it another way, I felt broken.

“I’d become someone who wasn’t me. Not in the sense you’re going to be found in a gutter somewhere, smacked off your face. But in your thoughts and even sometimes the words you speak, it’s just not who you are.”

Lincoln was able to lose 12 kilograms with the support of celebrity personal trainer Jono Castano, going from 88 kilograms to 75.5 kilograms in three months.

This was done by completing six training sessions a week and eating 45 per cent protein, 35 per cent fat and 20 per cent carbs. Lincoln also cut out sugar and alcohol from his diet.

“I kept how bad I felt to myself, making sure I was alone before I’d cry,” he said before he made the decision to seek help.

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“Even just my interactions with people… it had got to the point where I was finding it harder and harder to look people in the eye. It was getting harder to be around people.”

I actually preferred seclusion. I was withdrawing. And not a little bit — a lot. So in literally every aspect of my life there’s been a complete 180.

Lincoln added on Instagram not seeking help only made things worse.

“It took away a big part of my natural happiness, my epic spark for life, my creativity when it came to my acting and lastly — eating like sh*t to try and make myself feel better, I’d physically I’d let myself go big time,” he wrote.

Lincoln made sure to note that his ability to get to a healthier place physically was highly linked to his mental state.

“In case guys think I’m saying that all you need to do to change your life is to change your body, well, it’s not that simple,” he said. “But everything is linked. I understand that now more than ever.

“Everything you do has an effect on your life but no one thing can fix everything.”

Reflecting on Instagram, Lincoln said the last three months have been nothing short of a challenge for him.

“A chance opportunity to accept a complete transformation! Something that while physically the results may show its the mental and emotional side that I FEEL the best results!” he wrote.

“Setting a massive goal, realigning my focus and completely changing my entire eating plan to keep the body and mind clear, clean and working properly. Something that would set the pace for what’s been achieved.”

Featured image: Instagram

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